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"I am 73yrs old. I had a total knee replacement on January 10. Started my therapy on or about January the 17th. My first day I wabbled in using a walker. With the help of Cristy (hope I spelled it right) Regina and Doug, in a week I was on a cane, and another week I was standing on my own two feet with no help from any source. With their rigorous workout and one on one therapy when I walked out of there the last day, I am riding a stationary bicycle and walking a half mile a day, A week later I'm walking 3/4 mile and beating my record daily. If I could give them more than a 5 I would. Do not hesitate to visit them If you need any type of therapy. I love you guys. "
Mar 24, 2022
"Been having a numb outer thigh issue causing me to wake up during the night with "pins and needles" for a few months. Two trips later to get treated by Mr. Tyler, one being yesterday, and I slept all night, and the numbness is much better. Also, in the past Ms. Regina has relieved a pinched nerve in my neck as well as a sciatica flare up. These folks know what they're doing. Don't be in pain--call them!!"
Dec 01, 2021
"Just AWESOME the best physical therapy I ever had.always takes care of me like family.. "
Aug 02, 2021
"A wonderful place to go if you have any issues with your neck / back because that's what my issue was. I was treated so well and left there feeling 100% better on just my first visit. I felt as if i have known the entire staff for years because of such great treatment. Thanks so much for everything. Clifford"
Jan 02, 2021
"Post Shoulder Surgery-I look forward to going to PT. The staff is great and my progress is remarkable!! "
Dec 10, 2020
"I had a motorcycle wreck that left me with a collapsed lung, 5 broken ribs and a clavicle that was broken in 4 places. After 4 days in the trauma unit, I was able to go home and about 2 weeks later had surgery to repair my clavicle with a metal plate and 8 screws. My shoulder and left arm were immobile for about 2 and half months and by the time I was released from the orthopedic doctor to remove the sling, my left shoulder was virtually frozen. Not only did I have very little mobility in my left arm and shoulder, I was in constant pain. I was unable to sleep more than an hour at a time and had no idea how I was going to manage the pain or rest at night. I cannot express adequately how much better I have felt since I started the physical therapy. I bought in to the stretches and exercises I was given to do at home and tried to do my part as well as make all the office visits. Over the course of a few months I have improved well beyond my expectations. Not only has the pain in my shoulder gotten much better, I have regained the majority of mobility in my left arm and shoulder. Dr. Tyler has done a fantastic job challenging and pushing me without hurting me. That young man is storing up treasure in heaven and I cannot thank him enough."
Dec 03, 2020
"The staff at DeSoto PT is by far the best in every area. From greeting to appointments to care and cost. They are friendly, professional, caring and keep me in a mobile state with the depth of care and quality treatment. Thanks y'all!!"
Jul 16, 2020
"They have a welcoming and friendly environment. They are supportinve and help you get back to where you need to be. They make you feel like family. They are the best physical therapist in Desoto Parrish area."
Mar 21, 2019
"Unfortunately I have had 6 knee surgeries so know the importance of therapy after the procedure. At DeSoto Physical Therapy you get the first class treatment that is needed to get back on your feet again as quickly as possible. They also have a friendly staff of therapist that go above and beyond their duties to ensure everything is done to expedite recovery. "
Jan 23, 2019
"The staff at desoto physical therapy is excellent and professional... Regina McPherson is knowledgeable and very good at what she does. T is evident she wants help make my quality of life the best it can be. I highly recommend this therapy group if you need help in this area. Dry needling is difficult at first but extremely beneficial for my situation. I feel more like myself now than I have in years due to the pain relief and increased mobility "
Sep 18, 2018


Just received a message from Desoto Physical Therapy. It was wonderful. Helped all my problems with back and neck pain. Wonderful staff, great prices. Have already set my next appointment.

– Lisa C.

I was diagnosed with several bone spurs in my neck and my lower spine has a curve or you can call it scoliosis. Desoto physical therapy has made me feel so much better. I definitely recommend the dry needling.

– Wendy W.

I am so glad I finally decided to visit Desoto Physical Therapy. I have lupus and fibromyalgia and the pain in my neck and back had become unbearable. After the first visit with Regina and the minor dry needling she preformed….I had some instant relief! If you know me I am terrified of all needles and I never felt a thing. Going back this week for my next treatment. So glad to be getting some relief!

– Deidre F.

Everytime I leave here, I feel 20 years younger! These folks got it going on….Not to mention they are super friendly! So glad I met Doug and Regina. You will leave here in a better mood for sure! And they are full of information.

– Bryan C.

Both Kevin and Cade have been going to DeSoto Physical Therapy this summer. Doug and Regina are always so friendly, and both boys have seen great results! Today, I had a massage with Crystal. It was fabulous! She took her time and made sure to focus on the areas I was most tense. I’m so thankful for this business in Stonewall!

– Christy N.

Went today and had a prenatal massage and it was fabulous! I’m 33 weeks and felt so much more relaxed and just better after leaving! Everyone was so nice and accommodating. I will definitely be back!

– Katie P.

Love them! Have helped me so much with my painful sciatica!

– Billie B.

Just finished knee replacement therapy with great results. Will use De Soto physical therapy again. Keep up the good work Doug and Regina. I also liked the front door parking.

– Elizabeth M.

Regina performed dry needling to help my piriformis pain I’ve experienced for a long time, and I wish I would’ve visited her sooner! Helped tremendously. She’s very nice & very informative. I’ll be back soon for another session!

– Jennifer S.

Let me just sing the praises of dry needling. I injured my knee 3 weeks ago and it felt like fire running behind it and up my leg. A week ago, I had dry needling done and I felt 70 percent better almost immediately. Tonight, after not running for 3 weeks, I ran the Downtown Christmas Run (3 miles) with NO pain and faster than I ever have. Wow!

– Christi W.

Regina and Doug are the BEST physical therapist in the area!!! Anyone living in the Stonewall, Keithville, South Shreveport or Mansfield area that is in need of physical therapy or experiencing muscle aches and pains you should stop by and check them out. I was involved in a car accident and experiencing extreme neck and back pain and Regina and Doug have taken care of me and I’m on the road to recovery and couldn’t be happier with the relief that I have after being treated by them. They are both so friendly and truly care about you. Top notch service. I’m so glad I chose DeSoto Physical Therapy!!! Highly recommend!!!!

-Christi R.

It was close to home and very convenient for me. Doug is a wonderful PT and I would recommend Desoto Physical Therapy for all your needs from knee, ankle, back, shoulders for any type of PT. Thanks Doug for helping me work out the issues with my knee and ankle.

– Daphne G.

I received a lot of help at DeSoto PT. They were very nice and helpful and I am able to walk better and I have less pain in my back! I was also glad that they are close by and I didn’t have to drive all the way to Shreveport. It was a wondrful experience!

– Patricia S.

Loved my experience at Desoto Physicial Therapy. Super nice therapist. Made me feel very comfortable with my first dry needling treatment. Didn’t hurt at all. My shoulder feels so much better. I am VERY thankful and will always choose Desoto PT if I ever need PT again.

– Alisha T.

Stonewall is blessed to have this business in our town! Doug and staff are so caring and concerned about well being of their clients. Friendly ,professional and convenient!

– Barbara G.

Today was my first visit to DeSoto Physical Therapy. How great to know that my back and sciatic nerve pain are being be taken care of by the best. Thank you, Regina.

– Melanie G.

I have been going to Physical Therapy with Doug James for about a month. When I went back to the Dr. this last time he was very please how will I was doing with my elbow and shoulder. I tried for a month to get into therapy in Mansfield and they would put me off. Nurse called Doug on a Monday and I was in therapy that Wednesday. I still have a lot of work to do, but with help from DeSoto Physical Therapy in Stonewall with Doug James, i’m getting there. Thank you Doug for being there.

– Lawanda M.

I was told by my Physician that I was going to need a knee replacement in the near future. I told him not today , maybe one day. He than offered me Physical Therapy. That’s when I met Doug James at Desoto Physical Therapy in Stonewall. Doug provided me with a complete plan that would work and continue to work for me after my therapy was completed. His professionalism and true concern for me was provided at each appointment. His recommendation for a knee brace was essential for me to keep Mobil and his help in choosing the right brace was essential for my lifestyle. This will enable me to continue to work and be independent . If you need physical therapy I highly recommend Desoto Physical Therapy and Doug James PT, DPT. Thank you Doug for keeping me up and Mobil.

– Mary M.